Use in best way the sensor cable

In this tutorial we will focus on how you can use the HDBOX’s sensor cable in a good and reliable way.

If you tried to unlock an android, iphone, ipad, or apple computers  password / pin locks and you run into issues related to code detection, for exaple you got a false positive or device got past good code, then this is for you as we will explain in extreme detail how sensor cable works and how to best locate on the device screen for better results.

How sensor cable works

First of all, HDBOX Sensor Cable is an optical mean of unlock detection, and works by  measuring the amount of light that is present on the screen in he area under sensor and the most sensitive area is located directly under the photo-resistor. We opted to encase our sensor into a semi-transparent material to extended our detection wider by allowing the material around our photo resistors to act as an filter.

The light level is displayed in lower left part of the screen for all of our apps ( Iphone APP,  Apple EFI APP or Android APP) and looks like this:

How hdbox detects CODE FOUND

When the device screen is unlocked , the content of the screen will change and the amount of light under the sensor will also change. If the change is bigger than the selected sensitivity  then HDBOX will pause the unlocking process and display the message for code found.

How to set the sensitivity level and mode

Each of apps includes the required steps to adjust the sensor sensitivity and detection type as final steps of the setup process, and there two steps related to it,  one where you select the level of the sensitivity within a valid range of 5 to 125, and another step where you select the type of detection range between relative mode, and absolute mode.

Sensor Sensitivity (How much the light could change):

Relative Mode ( Calculation is based on procentage ):

Absolute Mode ( Calculation is based on absolute change ):

If the sensor is placed over a bright spot on the device we suggest to use the relative mode, but if it placed over a darker area then absolute mode will give better results.

Where to place the sensor

You should not place the sensor in areas where the content of the screen will change even if the device is not unlocked, for example: date or hour display, weather info, area to enter the pattern itself or notifications area.

You should place the sensor in areas where you think will be the most high chance for a big change of content when the handset will be unlocked. For example, you could reset the device before unlocking, then you will know that when is unlocked there are the quick launch buttons at the bottom of the screen for both android & iphones / ipads.


Sensor is on a bright spot, and current display level is 560 and sensor settings are 10%:
– Only if Display level move out of the range [ 504 – 614] then HDBOX will display code found!

Sensor is on a dark spot, and current display level is 50 and sensor settings are 10%:
– if Display level moves just a bit and is 57 (Even a tiny shadow can cause such a small fluctuation), outside of [ 45-55 ] range then hdbox will display code found, but most likely will be a false positive…
– We modify the sensor settings to 20+- ( Absolute Mode ) then HDBOX will only diplay code found if the light level moves out of range [30-70] which is much more realistic for an unlock when screen moves from black background to an even dark gray background.

Last example, illustrates perfectly why we suggest absolute mode for dark areas, and relative mode if sensor is placed on a light area.

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