Operating System 1.7 for HDBox. Remove TFlash password, Simplify the operation mode of HDBox, Faster access to menu.

In order to simplify and make even more clear the operations of HDBox, we decided to drop our ex-clip mode starting with this version. Similar effect can be abtain by going Menu -> Settings -> Connection Mode and choosing an Usb Mode. There are three options available: USB ON – Usb will be on all the time, USB OFF – No Usb connection to the computer, and USB AUTO – Similar to USB ON, but with one exception, If during boot-up sequence of the HDBox you press Escape the box will not enumerate as an USB device to the computer.

Also we would like to mention that if you press Confirm during the boot-up sequence, then HDBox will enter safe mode, a mode where only a minimal OS is loaded, and a simple txt file on a USB drive with instructions on how to update. To exit save mode, either restart the box, or perform an firmware update for the HDBOX, and this firmware updates the Bios or the System.

If you have TFlash cards with passwords on them, you can use our box to quickly remove the password from tflash card, simply insert the card into the HDBOX T-Flash card slot, then press and hold Enter to access the menu and then Menu -> Settings -> Reset Card Pass and press either Enter or Confirm to reset the card password.

Best regards,
HDBox team.

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  1. michael murray June 1, 2017 at 1:19 am #

    where is the download hdbox manager for mac osx

    • HDB July 28, 2017 at 9:15 pm #

      HDBox Manager runs on windows based computers.

      But if you are using macs for your work you can simply install Virtual Box, create a partition with some storage( even 4-5GB are enough for windows XP) and install Windows on it.

      We are using this setup and can confirm HDBox manager having no problem running in a Virtual Box Enviroment, and using this you can run also any other windows software on your mac.

      Just a tip: Do not forget to share the USB device from mac with WinXp from the virtual machine, we will post a quick video tomorrow when we get to office.

      P.s. The only thing that is not working right with our HDBox Manager in a Virtual Box is the mouse clipping area from Android Direct Control if you activate the mouse lock ( Clipping will be have no effect and you can drag the cursor out of the pad area) but is just a small issue.

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