Remove iCloud – 4 and 6 digit instant, using HDBOX and ISP adapter

This article is part of a 4 article series regarding servicing Apple computers, including iMac, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro.

In this short how-to you will learn how to remove any iCloud lock from a mac computer in just a few minutes using our HDBOX interface with HDBOX ISP-SPI Adaptors and Apple EFI app installed on your HDBOX.


1) Check our list of known mac models and see if your model / emc is listed there,

2) Open the computer to have access to the logic board and locate the debug port / SPI chip,

3) Ensure proper connection, the red led is light on SPI adaptor ( black board ) when connected to the mac board and the board is powered either by battery or charger.

-The red light on SPI Adaptor should light on when the logic board is powered by internal battery or external connector even if it not connected to the HDBOX.

4) Connect the SPI adaptor to the extension port of the HDBOX, and HDBOX to a computer running our HDBOX Manager software

5) On HDBOX Manager Software select iMac & MacBook tab and “Start Mac App” if the App is not running already

6) Click Detect SPI, this will detect the SPI chip present on the Mac logic board and will report the chip model and size

7) Click Read SPI to read the Image from the chip, and after read is done, Save to file to have a backup of it,

8) If you want to remove just the iCloud lock press “clear iCloud Lock” -or- to remove iCloud account from that computer press “Remove iCloud Account”. This changes will be done on the image you read from chip and saved to chip just yet,

9) After all desired changes are done, we update the SPI chip by either performing a full Spi write (chip will be erased entirely and rewrote entirely) or the a smart update by using Write SPI Sync ( Chip will be read again and only parts that were changed will be written to the chip )

10) After chip was updated and iCloud removed, is time to remove our connector / clam from the board and put the computer back together

11) Now boot the mac and it should boot with no problem and greet you with user login screen now



1# If your mac model is not on our list, or have different debug port:

Look on the board for a chip that looks like this, or an empty connector that looks like one of this two.

If the chip is visible on the board and can be accessed
We will use the SOIC 8 clam provided and place it with the red color wire over the pin no1 of the chip. The number 1 pin on chip is marked with a little round hole / dot of paint on the chip itself.

If is the small debug port – Two Possible Positions –
Use connector no1 ( red color one), and if upon insertion the red light on SPI adaptor ( black board ) does not light when the logic board have power, then rotate the connector 180degree and insert it again, now the red light should be on.

If is the big debug port – Four Possible Positions –

Because connector 2 and 3 have same size, you have to look inside the debug port present on the logic board. If you notice two small indentations ( ‘things’ ) then use adaptor no 2 (blue color one). But, If the inside of the port is flat, then use adaptor no3 ( yellow color one ).

After choosing the connector, connect it with the SPI adaptor using your flex cable, but do not insert the SPI Adaptor ( black board) into HDBOX extension port just now. This will allow us to safely scan the GND and power pins. Insert the connector into the debug port while the logic board is powered either by internal battery or charger, and if the red light is fully lit, then the position is right. But If Not, simply rotate the connector 180 degree and insert it again, the red light should be fully lit now.

2# Red light pass, but Detect SPI chip returns either “00 FF FF FF (Not Connected)” or “00 00 00 00 (Not Connected)”

3# Detect SPI returns good id, but read spi chip returns empty image (0xFF)

This means that mac computer still retain ownership of the SPI chip and different ‘power states’ have to be tried until access to the chip is granted to our interface.

Different power modes can be tried by having battery connected or removed, charger plugged or not, computer on or not, different macs will work in different modes so you have to try the one that work for your mac.

The complete list of the 8 power states that the mac can have. When trying different power states, please disconnect SPI adaptor from the mac before trying the new power state. If the mac does not have internal battery then they are only 4 power states:

Charger Battery Mac
Disconnected Disconnected OFF
Connected Disconnected OFF
Disconnected Disconnected Sleep
Connected Disconnected Sleep
If mac got internal battery
Disconnected Connected OFF
Connected Connected OFF
Disconnected Connected Sleep
Connected Connected Sleep

– Still not ok? Advanced Options –
If upon trying these power states the mac still not release the control of the chip to HDBOX ( Detect SPI return 000000 or FFFFFF IDs ), then you can try:

  • If your computer have a touch id – try this operations while pressing the touch id ( Great Tip luistobcn user from GSM-Hosting forum ),
  • try these power modes while computer is put in sleep mode from Firmware lock screen ( You boot computer with Alt Key press, then you see the prompt for fimrware password, just close the lid),
  • try these power modes while computer is put in sleep mode from iCloud lock screen ( You let computer boot normally and when you reach iCloud lock screen, again close the lid ),
  • Remove internal hard-drive, and let computer boot to the folder with exclamation mark screen, then put computer to sleep by closing the lid,
  • Then you mac is having very tight control over the data lines. It still can be done, and you will need steady hands and a good set of tools. Locate the bios chip on the logic board, de-solder it, put it on our SOIC8 clam ( RED WIRE on the PIN of the CHIP ) to remove iCloud nice and easy without any interference from the mac, then solder it back on logic board.

4# Read was ok, but I have issues at writing to the chip

This means that while our interface was able to access the SPI chip in read only mode, the Write Protect line is protected by the mac. To fix this issue, please try different power state until mac release full control of the SPI chip. Please see trouble shooting Detect SPI chip returns “Not Connected” , especially Advanced options part.

– Other Issues –

Send us an email to with some pictures of the board, the computer model and EMC number, and eventually the backup of the image you read from chip.


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