HDBOX Sensor V2

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HDBOX Sensor V2 greatly improves on our previous Sensor V1 Model, by using double full color sensors. This is greatly reducing background color noise and provides a much better detection.

Our V1 Sensor was having a single detection channel and was doing a good job at detecting changes in brightness, and could only do gray-scale detection and we really wanted to improve on this design. For example, on the phone screen under the sensor, the color is green, but after unlock the color is red, but the in grayscale the level of brightness remained same, the unlock was not properly detected. With this in mind, we designed our V2 Sensor having 4 detection channels on sensor, and having double sensors, we got a total of 8 detection channels. This feature gave us single channels for the red/green/blue colors, and this allow us to detect not only change in brightness but also change in color tonality with even greater precision and detect that green to red example where our V1 will not detect the unlock.

To use our new sensor, you simply plug it in the extension port of your HDBOX and if your apps were updated then the status and max level of detection channel will be displayed in lower left portion of the screen. We would like to mention that if you are having our new HDBOX V1.1, then all apps converted to the HDBOX V1.1 are having full support for V2 Sensor directly implemented in them.

Also we made it very simple to read and understand the status of the display, in the sensor display area, there are gonna be 3 little colored squares, and a small text area showing either status in words, or the max level of the detection channels.

Status can be:
Gray Color – When sensor is not detected and Text displayed is “N/A”
Orange Color – When sensor is calibrating and text is “Wait…”
Green Color – When sensor operates normaly and text is max level,
Red Color – An error happend during calibration (Should never happen, but just in case)

If you have any questions about the sensor or supported apps, let us know in comments below or by contacting us.

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