HDBox – Full Replacement



HDBox Hardware,
Cable & adaptors full set.

This is an replacement option for out of warranty HDBOX
Please order this part, only after we receive your HDBOX and Full Cable set / adapters. Only then we will ship the replacement kit.

How this works:
– If your received HD-BOX interface and you think is having an hardware issue, you contact us with details about the issue
– We will begin troubleshooting the issue and if it cannot be fixed locally then move to next step
– Now you have the option to ship it back to us by any shipping company
– After we confirm that the fact the issue was an hardware fault and was not caused by transport / wrong usage, we will either repair it or send you a replacement kit containing HDBOX and a full cable set and adapters.

We are sorry about any inconvenience this might cause you, by not being able to use HDBOX interface for the duration of replacement process, but is a required step to ensure best outcome for both sides.

Thank you for your understanding.


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