Activation: EFI/ICloud for HDBox

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This is an software activation only, works only together with HDBox hardware and you must have an hardware in order to use this activation.
To check other bundles that include this activation :  HDBox – Custom

Video: Removing iClould Lock – Using HDBox Apple EFI 2.0

Running time 3:47

How to use

In order to use this tool to recover usercode fallow this simple steps:

  1. Power up the box, using an usb cable connected to the mac,
  2. Connect Sensor cable to RJ45,
  3. Press confirm button and Apple EFI app should start if is selected as quick-run app, if not simply press & hold enter to display the menu and select it from that menu,
  4. Make sure that the sensor cable it is placed on the display of the mac ( any location will do, best will be in the center of the screen if possible),
  5. The counter will start from 0000. If you want to change it, simply press the joystick from the side of the HDBox, and will display >0< 000, and then use the joystick to selected desired number and press it to confirm the number. Do this for all 4 digits, and at the end it will display “+” or “-“, “+” its for ascending mode, 0000, 0001, 0002, 0003 and so on, and “-” its for descending mode 0000, 9999, 9998 an so on.
  6. After selecting starting counter and operation mode for the counter, its time to select the desired operation:
    1. EFI – It is used to discover EFI password,
    2. iCloud – It is used to crack iCloud/Lost password, and its compatible with all macs, but will run slower than iCloud+,
    3. iCloud+ It is used to crack iCloud on older macs which when restarted they reset their waiting timer,

      Tip: To decide between iCloud and iCloud+ simply enter 5 codes by hand, and when mac say “Wait 30 seconds” restart it. If after restart wait-counter it is gone and you can enter another code, then you can use iCloud+, but if not, you have to use the iCloud mode.

  7. Now sit back and relax, when the code its found, you will receive a notice from the box. Tip: In case of false positives, simply press confirm button to continue the process.

1 review for Activation: EFI/ICloud for HDBox

  1. ss67

    Hello, it is compatible with macbook pro retina A1425 EMC 2672 .?

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