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This is an additional software activation only which extends the functionality of the iPhone Activation for HDBox hardware. You must have an hardware with iPhone app activated in order to use this activation. To check other bundles that include this activation :  HDBox – Custom

Please READ our Official Statement about iPhone7 / iPhone7 Plus Unlock :

HOT: IPhone 7 Activation is on sale from 9-9-2017 to 10-10-2017.
(Event duration: 9 September 2017 to 10 November 2017)

From normal price of 100 Euro we offer a discount of 25% off, and the activation is only 75€ when purchased alone for already sold HDBOX, and for a full activated HODBOX purchased in this time frame, it is only 50Euro!!!

Starting with Iphone APP 3.0 you can use HDBOX to unlock prepared IPhone 7 / IPhone 7 plus iphones running IOS10.3.x and latest.IOS11. See below pargrafh

To unlock the phone first thing is  to prepare the phone for the unlock procedure. The prepation is a flash that switch from version 10.x to version 11 ( Not 11.0.2 ) or from version 11.x to version 10.3.3, and this flash had to be done while “Keeping user data” to activate the unlimited unlock screen using the flashing tool from The screen will be white and ask you to “Tap to recover data”.

But from Friday 6-Oct-2017 apple stopped signing IOS10.3.3 and IOS11, so no more phone preparation are possible. If the phone was prepared with IOS10.3.3 or IOS11 before that date, then unlocking can proceed with no problems.Read our official statement

Here is the setup guide for prepared phones:

  1. Start IPhone 3.x on your HDBOX, and also connect sensor cable to HDBOX,
  2. Connect an iphone to HDBOX Usb Host port, after detection you can verify that IOS version is 10.3.3 or 11 ( Not working on 11.0.2) and that phone screen is white and is saying “Tap to recovery data”,
  3. Now on HDBOX press enter and start the setup process, first step is to choose 4 or 6 digits depending on what phone pin code is,
  4. Enter a starting pin ( either 4 or 6 digit ) and select a mode (+ is incremental, 0000, 0001, 0002, – is reverse, 0000, 9999, 9998 )
  5. Select Pin Type for IOS10.3.3 & IOS11 select “IOS11 Codes” and press enter to move to next stage,
  6. If Iphone7 Is activated for your HDBOX now you set your sensor delta ( how sensitive the sensor should be ) and detection type ( 20% is a safe setting in most casses ),
  7. If Iphone7 Is not activated for your HDBOX then you are prompted with a new screen where you have to enter the 8 hex digit code to activated iphone 7 , something like : AF12-3456,
  8. After setup process is complete, place the sensor on the screen of the phone ( good position will be to the right or left of the pad ZERO from the pin entering code screen.
  9. Now you are ready, press confirm and the process will start, box will test if phone is ready ( screen should flash a couple times, then enter a code, and phone will go white screen and saying “Attempting recovering data” when the recovery data is done, if the result is good then phone will be unlock and have a colorful screen, and if not it will white and HDBOX will test if ready again and enter next code, and so on, until the right code is found.

Now if you want to use the HDBOX for anything else while you unlock an iphone 7, simple press confirm button and the progress will be saved ( also is auto-saved at each 10 codes tried ) then use HDBOX for what you need. Then start again iPhone App and the HDBOX will see is same phone and resume the unlocking from where it was saved.

Video: Unlocking IPhone 7 with IOS 11 ( Works same for IOS10.3.3 and IPhone 7 Plus)

Running time 1:39


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