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This is an software activation only, works only together with HDBox hardware and you must have an hardware in order to use this activation.

This enables you to remove enrollment lock from a majority of chromebooks using HDBOX and our SPI adapter. Working on Samsung Chromebooks, Asus, HP, etc.

Quick list of features:
– Removes enrollment locks
– Detects Chromebook hardware ID
– Read / Write the content the chip
– Saves the images in a compressed format, saving hard drive space

To use this, you need to your HDBOX and SPI adapters in order to connect to the chip present on the logic board. Once connection is made, the unlock procedure is simple:
1) Connect the SPI adapter,
2) Detect the ChipID – and confirm communications are ok,
3) Read Image – will also detect and display the chromebook hardware id,
3b) Strong recommended: Click Save to File to have a backup,
4) Unlock,
5) Write the unlocked image back to chip – Sync mode will be faster compared with full SPI write.

Congratulations, now the chromebook is unlocked. All that is left is to prepare an USB disk containing the recovery image for the hardware id detected and restore the chromebook.
Enjoy it!


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