Install HDBOX UsbUart Drivers

This is a quick guide on how to install drivers for Universal box App for your HDBOX. It has two simple sections:
A.Getting the Driver (one single INF file),
B.Installing the Driver.

A.Getting The driver

1.Open a browser and navigate to website, Hover over product menu and open Universal box App page

2.Download the INF file present on that page.

B.Installing The driver

After you start Universal box App on your HDBOX the HDBOX will re-enumerate as an standard CDC device, and windows might ask to install the driver. The procedure is detailed in next few steps:

1.Open Device Manager and locate the HDBOX Usb2Uart Device

2.Double Click on it to open driver properties

3.Select Update Driver

4.Select Browse My Computer

5.Point to the directory where you have downloaded the INF file

6.Select Install Driver If Windows Ask you

7.Now the boring part, windows taking his time to install a basic driver…

8.All done, now driver is properly installed and you can use it!


Now you can switch USB ports, restart computer, windows should not ask you about driver anymore. If you need more information or run into trouble you can contact us, or use our official support forum.

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