HDBOX Manager 1.8 – Android Pattern / Password

Version 1.8 for HDBOX Manager main focus was on Android Improvements and Features, and the fallowing were added:




  • Communication Bridge between HDBOX Manager and Android APP:

    We implemented this bridge between HDBox Manager and Android APP allowing this two pieces to connect with each other in a much better way, and this in order give us much more control allowing us to implement the fallowing plans:

  • Android Pin – 4 & 6 Digits:

    Can add 4 digit steps like:

    • 0000-9999Normal standard mode, starting from 0000 all the way up to 9999
    • 9999-0000Normal standard mode in reverse, starts from 9999 all the way down to 0000
    • 0101-1232Dates format, but Month(01-12)Day(01-31)  and Day(01-31)Month(01-12) supported
    • 0000-9999Snake Combo – codes where you move to next digit in up/down and left/right fashion, similar to the famous Snake game on Nokia handsets ( hence the name )

    Can add 6 digit steps like:

    • 000000-999999Normal standard mode, starting from 000000 all the way up to 999999
    • 999999-000000Normal standard mode in reverse, starts from 999999 all the way down to 000000
    • 000000-999999Snake Combos – codes where you move to next digit in up/down and left/right fashion, similar to the famous Snake game on Nokia handsets ( hence the name )

    And various digit length steps like:

    • 123* to 99*9*9Use of wildcard * for any position, each * taking values from 0 to 9. For example: 12*34* = codes from 120340,…120349,121340,..129349 ( 100 codes in total )
    • ???? to ??????Load custom list from file – Any string of digits with a length of 4 to 8 will be stored, and the values can be separated by any non digit caracter(, or ‘ ‘, or 😉 or each on a single line ( windows or linux line ending does not matter)

  • Android Pattern – 4 to 9 Dots, Simple/Advanced/Expert patterns:

    This is new a interface added in HDBOX manager 1.8, and is very simple and efficient. You simply provide the range of pattern lengths you want to add in this step, and what kind of codes to enter.
    The range is defined by specifing :

    • From [Start] To [End] Dots – If you want to test all 4 dots patterns simply enter From 4 to 4 dots, and if you want to cast an wider net enter From 4 To 6 dots, as most patterns in this range.

    The kind of patterns are mutual exclusive, and :

    • Simple Pattern – only moves up/down, left/right and not pass any already used dots, example patterns the L,U,C shape ones,
    • Advanced Patterns – only moves up/down, left/right and atleast one 45 degree move, example patterns are the N,Z shape patterns,
    • Expert Patterns – all patterns that include atleast one L move( knight move from chess,2 moves one direction and 1 other way) or atleast one pass via an used dot.

  • Android BackUp pin – 4 & 6 Digits:

    Same list of steps as for normal pin is available, the only diffrence is that in this mode HDBOX will not wait 30 seconds after each 5 codes batch

  • Android Password lock – Custom passwords list loaded from file:

    Only one option available here:

    • ???? to ???? – Custom, load from file – Ask you to load a file containg a list of passwords, each password having 1 to 255 characters, and is one per line. Line ending does not matter, can be either windows ending or linux ending

  • Android Interface tweaks:

    • Adb Pre-Auth button also present in main interface,
    • Pattern lock preview button added to main interface – Enter the code in the field next to it and press Pattern lock preview, an animated pattern will be displayed and you have also the posibility to replay the pattern code. Great for more complex pattern codes,
    • When added a step to a pattern plan, there are examples for each pattern type, click on example links will animate a patter for that respective type,
    • Sensor range adjusted to 0 to 1024 range.


  • IPhone Interface tweaks:

    • Improved interface for the configure button that you can now use it to specify code detection type and trigger. Can select absolute mode ( 5+- to 400 +- values ) and/or relative mode ( 5% to 100% values). To switch betwen the two modes, click the label next to the sensor value;
    • Range for sensor adjusted to 1 to 1024, new Iphone App starting with version 2.9 will report sensor values in this range.
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