HDBOX and Safe Mode

Safe mode is a feature of HDBOX which allow you to perform firmware updates from any operating system, from anywhere.

The update process got the next steps:
1) Open in your web-browser this page:
and click “choose file” to upload your HDBOX request.txt file.
2) To find this request.txt file use your windows explorer / mac finder and look at your computers disks, and you should see an disk name “HDBOX Updater”, open that disk and you can find the request.txt file.
3) After selecting the file, click “receive update file” and save it to your computer. Locate the file you just received and copy-paste it to the “HDBOX Updater” drive you found at point2. Now the HDBOX will perform the update in 3 seconds after update done it will restart itself and run the new software.

Is really this easy, as 1-2-3 to update your HDBOX even without using our dedicated HDBOX Manager Software ( Windows ONLY ).

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