What Is HDB?

HDB stands for Heavy Duty Box. We wanted our products to have 3 qualities :

  • Easy to use,
  • Stable,
  • Fast.

What/Who is this for?

Our goal its to offer to GSM repair services a strong, reliable tool which they can use with ease of mind and have more time to care for customers, than worry about the tools used.

Do i need a computer to use it?

Our Products are designed to work with or without a computer. For example, our Nokia clips work entirely as stand alone devices, but, our box device can work both as clip and box mode.

What phone models or devices are supported?

For our nokia clip, only ASIC 11 Family is supported ( Whole ASIC11, no exceptions) , but for user code reset, a much wider list is supported. (Full list here)
For our box device, the supporting list will be published soon enough and will include apple iphones, and in not so distant future it will have features for android phone aswell.

What is the price for it?

In order to keep this FAQ simple, each of our products have their own list of prices.

What is your advantage over competitors productions?

Well, on the clip market there just a limited numbers of other tools for this kinfof tasks, and our devices provide better value to price ratio.As examples: our RoboClip clip is providing both User Code reset and Unlock option for Nokia Phones and as well reset usercode on LG phones .

Warranty! Warranty! Warranty! What if my thing gets damaged?

Yes, we do offer warranty. Its 6months from the date of purchase, and in order for your device to be eligible for replacement it must not have no visible marks / cracks / hard scratches. Also the warranty if voided if traces of over-voltage are found when we open the device.

Can i use the other cables?

Well depends … For nokia clips we opted to use our own cables, and not to use the RJ45 cables (especially for the MINI-Series ) because of the length of the present RJ-45 cables. Our cables are much shorter ( Can fit in the palm of your hand), and even have string protection in order to ensure that our cables will withstand longer period of service. However, our box being targeted and apple and android phones, normal standard usb cables are used, so users can use their favorite cables.

Can i make my own cable?

Yes, we publish on our website the full schematics for the cables, so you can quickly create a new cable with minimum soldering skills, or even adapt an existing cable from the market.

If i have more questions, enquiries, how can i can contact you?

You can contact us 24 hours a day/7 days a week via our online contact form.

Got any questions ? Please do contact us,
we would love to hear from you!