Chromebook Unlock

ChromeBook Enterprise Enrolment lock removal using HDBOX and HDBOX SPI Adaptor

To remove the enterprise lock present on chromebook, you will need an hdbox and hdbox spi adaptor, a windows computer, a screwdriver, an USB stick prepared with ChromeOS image for your chromebook and about 10 minutes of time.

To start, simply make sure chromebook is powered off and remove it’s internal battery. Next, locate the spi chip on the chromebook logic board, and use our SOIC8 SPI clam on it. Just be carefully about red wire from the clam to be aligned with the dot on the chip- the dot marks the position of pin one on the chip. Wrong position of the clam can damage your chip / your chromebook’s logic board.

After chromebook is ready, connect the clam to HDBOX SPI adaptor, and HDBOX to your windows computer. On the windows computer run HDBOX Manager Software, and from chromebook tab ( a little google look-like icon ) click Start app, if HDBOX is not running already Chromebook App.

Click one time “Detect SPI” and HDBOX will identify the chip from your logic board, after that you press read SPI to read whole content of the chip to your computer ram. The next step is option, but we strongly suggest that you click save to file, to have a backup of your chromebook’s chip before unlock.

Now if you press unlock, the local image on your computer will be unlocked and to update the content of the chip, simply press “Write SPI(FULL)” to update the changes into the chip. After write completes remove SPI adaptor, reconnect the chromebook’s internal battery and it is time to proceed to next stage.

To reinstall chrome os, now you can insert the USB disk prepared with Chrome OS install image for your chromebook and press ESC + Refresh ( OR F3 if your chromebook does not have an refresh button ) and power. Chromebook will verify the content of the USB disk and proceed to re-installing the OS.

After ChromeOS was re-installed you can now login with your own google account, and use it happily.

The procedure in itself is not complicated, the only issue is that depending on chromebook’s speed the whole process can take around 10-15minutes.

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HDBOX Support team.

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