Apple EFI 2.9C – Sound Pack, UX & Functionality Tweaks

Second of our apps to make use of our Sound Pack feature implemented in System 1.8 and also a couple of user experience and functionality tweaks:

– Added an AutoRecovery if HDBOX gets reseted while removing firmware lock using EFI Tool,

– When selecting a tool from app menu, pressing enter will start the setup process for that tool,

– Removed the disk exported when using EFI Tool, iCloud Tool, or iCloud Fast Tool,

– Slightly increased delays between keys in the above tools, now on average each digit will take about 100ms to type,

– All sounds used by the EFI APP are grouped into a single sound pack file,

– Location for the system sound pack moved to <HDBOX Disk Letter>\HDBOX\EFI.APP\sound.pck.

Download latest – Sound Pack .

The changes regarding the removal of USB disk and increased timer between keys were required because the EFI system is very simple and does not properly handle more complex devices such our HDBOX when exporting Usb Disk, Usb Keyboard and Usb Mouse all in one device. This in turn was causing issues if run multiple times the Apple EFI on same computer without restarting the the MAC computer.

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HDBOX Support team

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