Apple computer – Screens and types of Locks

This article is part of a 4 article series regarding servicing Apple computers, including iMac, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro.

List of lock screen present on mac computers, and a list of ways to remove / unlock those locks:

Easy way, without opening computer:

Advanced way, opening computer required:

Bonus: Getting past user login screen on Mac OS-X:

Apple Computers – Screens and types of Locks

Mac OS-X and Apple computers can present you a couple of screens when different security options are active, and we will present you a list of screens and how to remove those restrictions, including Firmware Password, iCloud lock, user login password.

Mac Firmware Password Screen

If your mac got firmware password activated, then you will run into it when you:
– boot your computer while pressing ALT key to select boot disk,
– boot your computer into recovery mode by pressing Command + R,

How To Remove:
– If you think that the password is numeric and with a length of 4 digits, you can use HDBOX and EFI Lock option to find it, by trying all codes from 0000 to 9999. With a 12 seconds delay between codes the whole process only takes 1 day and half to test all 10.000 codes and does not require you to open the computer, or do anything special, just boot it up while pressing ALT Key,
– Using our HDBOX and ISP adapter it can be removed in a couple minutes if you already did one computer similar and you know all the steps then it can be removed in under 1 minute.

NOTE: Firmware Password Active will prevent you from entering single user admin mode.

Mac iCloud Lock Screen ( Both 4 Digit & 6 Digit )

If your mac got installed OS-X and also have an iCloud Account active on it, then you will run into this screen when:
– is remotely locked from the internet .Owner of the iCloud account present on the machine, used and locked the device remotly – Can happen when purchasing second hand macs from internet,

How To Remove:
– If the iCloud Lock Screen is 4 digits, you can restart the mac, and press alt key, and use HDBOX to find out the code, if the computer got no firmware password, and is locked from internet, then that same pin will be activated also as firmware password, and it can be tested more quickly from firmware lock screen with just a delay of 12 seconds between codes,

User login Screen

This is most normal screen you see when you use your mac in normal conditions, and if you need to bypass it, remove the password for it, then we can also help you, and you will need HDBOX only if the firmware is password protected on your machine.

How To Remove:
– You will have to restart your computer. Press Command and R together while you boot, and small progress bar will appear on your screen. Wait until finish loading and now you are in Recovery Mode, and run Terminal App from Utilities tab from main menu bar. Type resetpassword in Terminal window and press enter to run the command. Now you have to close terminal app and you can see the reset utility on screen. Select desired account and enter a new password for the account. Restart computer from Apple main bar menu , and now you can log in using the new password.
Note: This method will not recover the keys stores in key-chain, but will grant you access to all files and everything else on your computer.


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