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This is an software activation only, works only together with HDBox hardware and you must have an hardware in order to use this activation.
To check other bundles that include this activation :  HDBox – Custom

Ever wanted to use your HDBox as an universal box and enable other softwares to use it in order to communicate with an phone via UART interface ? Now you can!

Supporting full range of baud rates from 300 up to 4.500.000 bps, including all the custom baud rates in between and boosting amazing 1024 bytes deep buffers ensures you an smoother than ever communication with your devices. And ofc, all this using standard windows drivers, required NFO file will be provided in support section.

Baud Rates: 300 to 4.500.000bps Baud Rates
Data Bits: 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 Data Bits
Parity: None / Odd / Even / Mark / Space
Stop Bits: 1 / 1.5 / 2 Stop Bits
Standard CDC implementation: YES
Linux Support: Standard CDC driver built-in
Windows Support XP/Vista/Win8: HDBox-Usb2Serial.inf
HDBox-UsbUart.inf – Both Win 32Bit & 64Bit
(right click on link, select save link as…)

Windows 10 Support: Standard CDC driver built-in

1 – Power ( Off, 4V, 5V )
2 – Tx ( Transmit to device / phone )
3 – Rx ( Receive from device / phone )
7 – Gnd

To control power simply send following commands as a single write to the uart:
*HDB-SET-POWER(0)* – Disables power ( either 4V or 5V )
*HDB-SET-POWER(4)* – Enable power and set it to 4V
*HDB-SET-POWER(5)* – Enable power and set it to 5V


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