Iphone App 3.0D – Sensor And Activation HotFix

2xHotFix & 2 Tweaks
– We strongly recommend to update iPhone App to 3.0D –

– ADDED: Ability to use HDBOX manager to activated iphone 7 functionality without entering the code in HDBOX. This feature will be part of the next release of HDBOX Manager Software,

– HOTFIX1: Activating iPhone 7 functionality without restarting the app.
Issue: When you activate iphone 7 functionality, HDBOX will keep asking you the activation code more than one time when trying to use it, the fix was a simple restart of the iPhone APP or of the HDBOX itself in order to allow the iPhone APP to read the activation from storage,

– HOTFIX2: During Setup Process if user press confirm after adjusting sensor delta value it will be saved.
Issue: When you adjust the sensor delta during the setup process and press confirm to quickly end the setup process the new values for sensor delta & sensor detection type were not saved. The fix was to use enter key until whole setup process was completed and then settings were saved.

– Tweak: HDBOX text-to-speech engine can properly handle IOS version 10 & 11 now

– Tweak: Is related with HotFix2, The sensor module now have a hard check it’s sensor settings to be in valid ranges:
5% to 100% for relative mode ( default is 20% )
5+- to 127+- for absolute mode ( default is 20+- )

Best regards,
HDBOX Support Team.

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