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Use in best way the sensor cable

In this tutorial we will focus on how you can use the HDBOX’s sensor cable in a good and reliable way. If you tried to unlock an android, iphone, ipad, or apple computers  password / pin locks and you run into issues related to code detection, for exaple you got a false positive or device […]

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Apple EFI 3.0 RC1

In this update we focused improving support for our ISP Adaptors which allow HDBOX to remove any firmware password, or iCloud pins ( both 4 digit and 6 digit ) in a matter of minutes, which is really great compared with bruteforcing. Previously, bruteforcing an EFI password / iCloud Pin of 4 digit about 1 […]

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HDBOX Manager 1.9 version release canditate

HDBOX Manager 1.9 version release canditate, Focused on iMac & MacBook tab functionality. Tweaks and changes list: Added proper detection mechanism of Apple EFI App running app – when you want to update firmware from Update & About tab now it will detect if the Apple EFI App is running and stop the update process, […]

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Apple Mac Book Air iCloud 4 Digit

Unlock iCloud Lock 4 digit / 6 digit

In this short how-to you will learn how to remove any iCloud lock from a mac computer in just a few minutes using our HDBOX interface with HDBOX ISP-SPI Adaptors and Apple EFI app installed on your HDBOX. Updated on Friday, 9 Feb 2018, with advanced options added at trouble shooting, and a clear distinction […]

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List of Mac Computers for ISP SPI adaptor

Index of supported Apple Computers / Laptops: MacBook Air MacBook Pro MacBook iMac Pro iMac Mac Pro MacBook Air All models, Including: Model CPU Date A-Model EMC-Number MacBook Air “Core i7″ 2.2 13” (Early 2015) 2.2 GHz Core i7 (I7-5650U) March 9, 2015 Model A1466 EMC 2925 MacBook Air “Core i5″ 1.8 13” (2015/2017*) 1.8 […]

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Iphone App 3.0D – Sensor And Activation HotFix

2xHotFix & 2 Tweaks – We strongly recommend to update iPhone App to 3.0D – – ADDED: Ability to use HDBOX manager to activated iphone 7 functionality without entering the code in HDBOX. This feature will be part of the next release of HDBOX Manager Software, – HOTFIX1: Activating iPhone 7 functionality without restarting the […]

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Iphone App 3.0C ( Also details on A/B versions)

First public release of the Iphone APP 3.0 branch after we added IPhone 7/ IPhone 7 plus userlock unlock IPhone APP 3.0C Update: Public release on 2017, September 28 ( requires activation code for iphone 7 for iphone 7 functionality ) – Adjusted text displayed during setup phase and iphone 7 activation to better describe […]

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