Apple EFI 3.0 RC1

In this update we focused improving support for our ISP Adaptors which allow HDBOX to remove any firmware password, or iCloud pins ( both 4 digit and 6 digit ) in a matter of minutes, which is really great compared with bruteforcing.

Previously, bruteforcing an EFI password / iCloud Pin of 4 digit about 1 day and half and is not too bad, considering you do not have to open the computer and is virtually a zero risk operation; but for a 6 digit iCloud lock the required time is much more longer, and the whole process of bruteforcing an 6 digit lock is not worth the time required to complete it.

Works peered with HDBOX Manager software V1.9 and higher, and a complete how to remove icloud can be found in our HowTo tutorials : Unlock iCloud Lock 4 digit / 6 digit ;

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HDBOX Support team.

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